Ok Here We Go!

Well after a small time spent in preparation I am getting this Blog Up and Running!

My name is Rocky Bradley, I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. And for the last twenty years living in Switzerland!

Landscaping and Interiorscaping are my passions and I have spent my whole life being surrounded by plants, nurseries and people! As of January last year I have become the proud owner of my second discus hernia, occupational hazard as a Landscaper, thus I have had to stop working in my field and begin creating alternatives for income.
Well as a native Floridian, living not far from the Lake of Zürich, one of my favorite hobbies is locating Palms planted in the landscapes and gardens here in the area where we live. Behind each and every single palm, there is a story. These stories tend to be quite interesting as well as informing to anyone who is interested in cultivating palms in cold climates, such as Switzerland.

For the next few days and weeks, we will be scouting the area, and reporting back to you with every new palm planting we have located, as well as the story behing the original planting! In some cases, the palms have been inherited by their present owners and then the reasearch and story behind the palm and reasons for planting, tend to be challenging to trace back to their origins. But we will keep you all informed and also provide pictures and descriptions that you all can follow this amazing trend that has been growing in Europe over the past few decades!

I wish you all Another Day in Paradise! And look forward to keeping you informed about the Palms of Switzerland!

Have a Fantastic Afternoon and Look Forward to Seeing You Soon!
Rocky Bradley


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