Who is Supporting Network Marketing? And Who really Cares?

A little foot note about me. I have been living in Switzerland for nearly 20 years now. I am a landscaper and interiorscaper from profession. I have always enjoyed reading, but, excuse the phrase, I never had time to read, always busy, always had other priorities in my life. In the past 20 years, I have read an average of 20 books, that is one per year! I just read an article that said that 58% of all high school graduates never read a book again after finishing high school, I was utterly shocked when I read this. The author went on to explain that there are roughly 6 billion people in the world today, and that 1 billion are illiterate. That means they can not read,  and include those who choose not to read, the 58%, this increases the number of people who only live on the information there personal experience brings, through numerous negative promotion devices, such as television news or radio, and nowadays videos on the computer. That means that at least one out of every six people in the world are limited in their growth potential!

Since my fascination with the branch of network marketing, in less than 2 years, I have devoured over 40 books. Just yesterday I looked at the list of books I plan to read next, and that list has grown to about 60! It seems the more information I read and learn from, the desire to read and learn, and grow has also increased. It is almost like an addiction, with each book I read, I learn about even more books that have been written and literally cannot get enough! The more you learn, the more you realize you have to learn. When the student is ready the teacher appears! Add to that the internet and all the incredible trainings one has available, almost half of my time is invested in personal growth! The other half is in manifesting and practicing the new tools I have read about.

I highly recommend reading! Regardless of the topic or field of interest, one must acquire the vocabulary in order to begin to process this information. Medicine, science, sports, business, finances, you name it each and every one of these topics has its own inherent vocabulary. And when starting off in a new field, one may feel bombarded with the new words and technology one is confronted with. But through determination and discipline, one quickly increases their own vocabulary, as well as intelligence. It is similar to anything that takes us out of our comfort zone, at first you feel awkward and lost, and suddenly with time and experience you begin to master the words and then, first then, the message begins to sink in.  And your so called comfort zone expands over time. With each expansion of your comfort zone your personal growth and development increases. God has gifted us with this intelligence and I am sure he would be happy when we exercise it, other wise we probably wouldn’t have this capacity, unless it was meant to be cultivated! It is a plunge into the unknown, not like in school, where we were told what to read, when to read, and how much, but rather the freedom to read that which you have a personal interest in, something you would like to know more about.

Before I get started with all the nuts and bolts of Network Marketing, I would like to post a few facts that are very relevant to the attention network marketing is getting these days. Several years ago, 2006 to be exact, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki wrote a book called, “Why we want You to be Rich”. In this book they both point out that a financial education is crucial in achieving financial independence. In Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” there is also a predominant message that the more one learns, the more one earns. So if these two highly successful gentlemen have taken the time to share their experiences and wisdom, don’t you think it is worth taking the time to read them? And here’s the catch, even if you have no desire to be involved with network marketing, there are incredible amounts of money making tips, as well as down right common sense to be learned from these two, when it comes to your financial security.

Warren Buffet, one of the world’s richest men, as well as a fascinating and successful investor, has also created a book in 2005, titled, “The Warren Buffet Way”. In this book he not only points out some of his best techniques he has used, but the guidelines one should follow in achieving financial nirvana. Warren Buffet has also been quoted as saying, “Some of the best investments I have made have been in network marketing companies”. Ok, are you all following me on this? Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, these guys are serious, high rollers, in the game of making money, and helping mankind, as well as making our world a better place to live. If they, just these handful mentioned have created such a track record in their lives and are publicly announcing this, don’t you think it is worth at least taking a look at? This information can be applied to almost every facet of one’s life, if only one would invest the time to read it, it just might change your life!

And now the best for last, Donald Trump has enough money, properties and companies, he really doesn’t have to work anymore, does he? Well his latest accomplishment is just amazing, and one more feather in the cap for network marketing. Are you ready for this? He has created his own network marketing company. If this is not evidence that the reputation of network marketing has changed over the years, then what is? Why would someone like Trump bother with anything if it wasn’t going to be a grand slam? Why? Because he knows it will skyrocket like many in the branch and become a fantastic opportunity for people to change their lives, not to mention getting healthier in the process. Isn’t that what everyone would like? Improved health, an additional income, and the chance to help others create the same for themselves?

There are many advantages this branch offers in comparison to the tradional business world.One of the largest advantages allowed through network marketing is the time one ventures to gain. Time is the only commodity that is limited in a world full of abundance. It used to be man measured wealth in the form of money, nowadays it has become common knowledge, that all the money in the world will not buy you better health, or love, and the list goes on. Today wealth is measured in the amount of time one has or gains. Time for your partner, time for your children, time for your parents, brothers, sisters, and extended family. Time for your recreations. This is very important, Re-Create, yourself anew. Here is where many outstanding ideas or dreams just pop into one’s mind or heart, when you are least expecting it! Bam, I just had an Idea! Why do you think when you are having fun, playing, suddenly something really good pops into your mind out of now where? Because in this relaxed state one is open to the universal truths and not under pressure, or in stress, or even stressed out! I have heard so many people say, ” I just don’t have enough time”, or “there is not enough time in the day”, it has even been shortened to the phrase, due to the lack of time and concentration to, “No time”. If that isn’t a sad sign of the times, bordering on serious psychological and mental illness, not to mention what this does to other vital organs in the human body. What did we all come here for if suddenly one has no time? This is ridiculous and it has to stop! We all have the same 24 hours each and every day. How we choose to invest them is up to each and every individual, it is a critical choiceone has the freedom to make daily!

Ask people the question, how did you spend your time today, notice the key word here, spend. Everyone is spending their time being busy, but the question is with what, a job? Is your job more important than your partner, family and friends, or even your fun and entertainment, hobbies, vacations and all the things that make you laugh and feel good about yourselves and the ones you love? And instead of spending our time, would it not be wiser to invest our time? And to look at each and every action we do as an investment in ourselves as well as time invested in others, not just our family but in mankind in general. This one shift in our perspective will make all the difference in the world, believe me, I have seen it with my own eyes.


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