How to Eliminate Time Wasters!

I am presently reading a book from Timothy Ferris, the title is “The 4-Hour Workweek.” Aside from just downright genius, this book is exploding the 9 to 5 system fairy tale. I am in no way taking credit for this information, Tim has provided us with, I merely feel it is urgent to get this information to as many people as possible, so that it can be implemented, when the shoe fits wear it.
I highly recommend picking up a copy of this book today, and reading it, it will change your life.

The topic I want to address today is how to stop time wasters. There are hundreds when not thousands of little tasks each and everyone of us perform daily that require enormous time. It may seem like a few minutes, but added together over the course of a week, month, or year, these tasks drain the productivity out of us daily.

Here is a simple, but highly effective, way to gain back time lost on just one of those tasks, E-mail. Most people at the start of the day, turn on their computer, and begin to read their emails, those with large volumes may even wait until all trickle in, but nonetheless, the first task of the day is to read and answer any and all e-mails one has received over the course of the evening.

Tim says, “Time wasters are the easiest to eliminate and deflect. It is a matter of limiting access and funneling all communication toward immediate action. First, limit e-mail consumption and production. this is the greatest single interruption in the modern world.”

For the details please consult his book, while it is an excellent reference. But too make it simple there are two steps one must make. Number one turn off the audible alert on your computer when e-mails arrive, this will help you to stay on target with whatever task you are presently working on without the annoying tone as well as a short description that pops up on your screen, a definite concentration killer!

Second read and respond to your e-mails twice a day, for example 12 and 4pm. You can do this right before the lunch break and then shortly before most offices prepare to close. This allows all  e-mail you have sent adequate time to be answered. And also create an auto responder for your email, so that everyone who sends you an e-mail is notified that you read and answer e-mails in the times you designate. This may take some time for all to be aware and accustomed to your routine, but it is a powerful move in  allowing you time to focus on your priorities and objectives, and this naturally increases your productivity.

He goes even further to suggest putting all office phones on voice mail, with a similar routine for returning calls. He informs callers with his message that they should e-mail their requests when possible, thus reducing amount of time one spends on the telephone with unproductive discussions. When a return telephone call is required he informs the caller when he will be available to make that call.

When you implement nothing else from this book, this one task is worth it’s weight in gold! Tomorrow I will share the messages one can create for the email autoresponder and voice mail message.

Keep the Fire Burning!


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