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Isn’t Quality Important?

May 14, 2009

I have a good friend who is 73 years old. This gentleman’s story would make for an excellent blog, book, and probably a fantastic film for the silver screen. Last summer he was hit by a car and they wanted to amputate his leg, it had been splintered by the impact, Rudi said no! The doctors talked about not wasting their time and just cutting it off, luckily he was conscious and very present, and proceed to explain to the surgeons if they did that he would slam them with a law suit! Can you imagine if he was not awake and they just did what they wanted? Well, it has been almost a year of excruciating pain and healing, he can walk and he has a little limp, but he still has his leg. And on top of this whole situation, he is the most generous and caring person I have ever met. He still has a humour that can’t be beaten!

Even though he is retired, and probably worked enough jobs in his life for three people, he is building a small business, selling fresh fish from a local fish farm here in Switzerland. What is amazing is that this fish farm produces their fish naturally without all of the antibiotics and chemicals that large fisheries use, so the end result is an excellent tasting and completely chemical free fish.

I had the chance to take him to a few restaurants to sell his fish. He has always given the owners a few samples to try and then they begin to discuss the costs. Everyone wants to try his fish and then after they have, they begin bargaining for the price. His margin of profit is small, because he does not do this for the money, but rather wants to provide people the chance of having a chemical free product. And enjoys the activity of meeting new people and helping them when he can. Recently we stopped in at a restaurant to see if the were interested in ordering.

Here is where I choked and literally was speechless. The owner of a good restaurant said that Rudi’s fish costs twice as much as the fish he was using. When Rudi explained to him, sure it may be double but the quality is better, no poison, and it is fresh, not like the frozen fish this cook gets from Vietnam. And the cook proceed to explain that people are only interested in the price, they do not really care if it is good quality or not and that the fish is pumped full of chemicals, who cares, the price is what matters! I was shocked! If the customers of this restaurant knew what the owner thought and said, I can imagine his establishment would be empty in the blink of an eye. This restaurant is packed almost day for day with people who love his meals, but have no idea what he is feeding them.

This is just one restaurant, but they are not the only ones, apparently Rüdi has faced this problem before and through this he would rather sell his fish to private individuals who are not only happy for the quality but are thankful for the service and freshness he delivers.

In today’s economy everyone must be aware of the original idea of creating a business is not just to make money, but to offer the clients a good product and service, and of course to generate profits, but when it sacrifices the health of its customers, where is the real profit, and what is that profit worth?