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Network Marketing Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

April 21, 2009

With all the news lately about traditional business being literally wiped of the face of the earth, in one form or another, the time has never been better for starting your own home business.

The old saying used to be that Network Marketing nets worldwide more than the automobile industry year for year. Well, what has happenend to the auto industry? And thîs is only the beginning.

Finally people have become aware of the fable that a secure, safe job is better than taking any chances on building your own home based business, and also realize that investing in yourself, is the best investment one can make. The attractivity of MLM is again on the rise. Wether it is simply to have an additional monthly income, some Network Marketing companies pay out as much as five times a month, or if you are seriously looking to replace your day JOB, or you have lost your day JOB, and need to find a new occupation, the reasons go on and on, but the fact that this business is experiencing record growth and always has, especially in times of economic crisis, is no longer possible to ignore.

There is a learning curve like everything else, when one starts something new. But unlike a new job or position in a traditional business, everything one learns in Network Marketing can be applied to everyday life, and most important, no one can take this away from you. The more time and energy invested, the larger your paycheck, and the more time and energy you invest in your partners, downline, the larger your paycheck. Where else in the world can one, through helping others become successful, reach success themselves. In a traditional business managers are afraid to let their employess know everything they know or have learned in fear that one day the employee will take their position. So all information is tightly kept secret and through this a team or business of thousands, are like one man/woman shows paddling their boats all on their own, hoping to one day make it to the top. This is a futile effort, not only does this seldom lead to a promotion in position or salary, to the contrary, we have seen the incredible number of illnesses and other social and health issues that have developed through this mentality.

Have you ever heard of mobbing for example in a network company. Mobbing would be the death of a network marketing company. It is all built and driven through hand in hand Teamwork. One does not grow in status in a network marketing company only to take each and everyone, who is naturally willing, with them to the top. It is a fleet of volunteers who love their company, love their product, but most important are educated in the benefits that this industry has to offer, as well as being 100% committed to themselves, their own personal growth and the privilige of sharing this wealth of information  with each and every team member regardless of their position or how long they have been with the company. We love people, we love helping people and with every soul we nuture and cultivate a self confidence that no one will every take from them. How far they get in the company is totally up to them, there is no pressure or someone standing over you asking if you have read your books, spoken with your prospects, placed your ads, and if they are, then they are not the right upline. A good Sponsor or Mentor, allows each and everyone to develop on their own, provides all materials to accelerate that growth, but the drive and motivation has to be coming from the heart of the new partner. When someone is willing to learn and invest time in themselves and be patient with the learning curve, does not give up, everyone succeeds.

This whole discussion that 95% of all network marketers fail is just hogwash. All people in every occupation suffer from the exact same business mortality rate. Why is it that 95% of all the people are either dead or dead broke at the age of 65? And this statistic is for everyone not just network marketers but for everone!!! People get over it already, you are lazy, worn down and just sick and tired of the old way of life, but as soon as someone offers you a Chance, you shrivel up and cry, I can’t do that? Please,  they are two types of people in the world today, very simply put, there are the Winners and there are the Whiners, which group do you belong to?

People quit, that is what they do, they quit their education, drop out of high school, quit their jobs, quit their relationships, divorce. Quit playing the sports they used to play, quit reading, quit listening, quit learning. We are slowly a nation of quitters, waiting for someone else to solve the problem. Well this is never going to happen. There is no free ride, no free lunch and the party is either over or you can wake up and join the party, it is never too late.

All new prospects or candidates I speak to are so concened about the risks they may encounter if they choose to step up and start a network marketing company. Let me tell you all who has the most risk, it is your sponsor, the one who takes the time to show you a new way,and cares enough about you to share their oppurtunity with you! They also shares endless hours, days, weeks, months and even years investing in helping you get ahead in this business, only to watch you Quit! Who has lost more then? You who try, attempt, all fired up in the beginning and with the first hurdle decide not to jump, or the people who have invested their time, energy, and guidance? I am sorry to be blunt but through my short experince in this business I have learned to be very selective. My time, knowledge and energy is way more important to me than to waste it on someone who is anyway just looking for an easy ride, or get rich quick scam. This business takes years to learn, years to evolve and then one can enjoy a lifetime of success. It is not something within the first few weeks or months or even years that one can expect this promised financial independence. And anyone who thinks in this manner should not even bother, you are only wasting the time of those who cared enough about you to show you a new way. Let me ask you something how long did it take you to walk, 1 or 2 years? How long did it take you to learn to speak? And then how long did it take you to connect words together and actually make a sentence? How long did most of you go to Kindergarten? How long did you attend Elementary School? Normally you are between 11 and 12 years old and you are just ready to start juniour high. You have a whole 6 years ahead of you before you even have a chance at a high school diploma, and then when you’re lucky you have four more years of college at least. with 22 years old, College Graduate, looking for a job!!!

This is reality, we have all succeeded to many of these levels and did not think twice about it. Even people who drop out of high school know they need to go to a vocational school, learn a trade, spend at least 2 to 3 years, and then they can begin to look for a job.

People are we crazy or what? Why do we invest so much time in things we were told we had to do, or in the case of college wanted to do, and ok maybe we complained a little but we got the job done.  And I am talking about decades of time invested, and we have to think it over when we are offered an oppurtunity in network marketing? On the average a new networker invests 3 to 5 years, working, learning and sharing and then they will see the fruits of their labours. We say that a new partner is really first committed after they stick it out the first year, then after the first year it becomes evident what htis partner is willing to invest in time and effort to make this(their) business grow. Dude, it is like a one year probation time before you are even taken serious, and then once you have made it, just one YEAR!!! Then you can start to rock and roll. What is a year or two or for that matter 5 or 6 in comparison to what we have already invested in time to get where are are or are not today? In 3 to 5 years you are going to be three to five years older, wether you do this or not. And believe me the Worl of Network Marketing is gonna does this with or without you. It has a proven track record and is on the rise in almost every business segment. So think it over settle for what you have and spend a lifetime complaining about it, or get up off your butts and do soemthing, it will be the most exciting, interesting ride of your life, and it is changing and developing with each and every day. I have never had more fun, it has not been easy and I am a far cry from where I am going, but I know I have chosen the right path. Like Robert Frost once said, I have chosen the road less travelled and that has made all of the difference.

One last note, please if you are not serious and ready to make a long term  commitment to this industry do not bother wasting anyone elses time. It is not fair to yourself or to those who offer you a chance to change. Work your 9 to 5, go on your vacation, max your credit cards and hope that you might get a raise, because other than winning in the lottery you will never have financial independece, and that is why 95 % follow the trodden path of working a lifetime, only to retire at 65 and have nothing to show for it, outside of a worn out physical condition and a bitter attitude about the world in general. And is your retirement money even going to be there when you retire, are you sure? I for one am not gonna wait till then to live. I give it my best shot day for day, love what I do and the people I meet and my life is richer for this experience, sure I am not a million dollar earner yet, but I will be, and reaching the peak of a mountain may be the goal, but the reward is  the journey one encounters along  the way. Follow your heart and do what is right for you and always keep in mind that whatever you do should always be in the best interest for all parties concerned.

Good Luck and I Look forward to seeing you on the Journey to the  Top!