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The Nastiest Word in the English Vocabulary

May 6, 2009

I just talked with a friend and could not believe my ears. He must of used this word 4 times in the course of our conversation, and all I can do is cringe!

You are wondering what this word is, well I am going to tell you.
It is the word can’t! He can’t do something. When you say this to yourself long enough your mind and spirit gets the message and follows. And then the task at hand or challenge, not problem, can surely not be met. The word can’t is made up of two words can and not. Instead of asking yourself when a challenge arises why, why not try to replace that why with what. What are my options, what do I choose to do, or do I need to even bother myself with this?

We are constantly confronted with choices from the moment we awake until we finally lay down at the end of the day. The mind is amazing and one’s focus tends to be on hurdles, Problems, and things that have a negative influence on our thoughts and actions.

Regardless of your position in life it would be much easier to entertain your highest ambitions and cultivate your dreams. There are literally hundreds when not thousands of books on this topic and it drives me crazy. To think what the human mind has been capable of creating not just in the past, but in everyday life today, right now, how can we insult our intelligence with such trivial and destructive thinking.

The amount of energy it takes is just plain silly to waste on making yourself feel miserable, and in the end you really have no creative energy left to change the situation. I would say from Heart Attacks, to ulcers and the whole spectrum of stress related dis eases can be directly linked to the software one has programmed in the hard drive of our minds. Pressure or stress is normal and can even be healthy when properly channeled into solutions. There is a reason the Good Lord gave us this capacity. The mind is a terrible thing to waste and even worse is letting negative thoughts run rampant until one is sick or sick and tired. Sometimes things push us over the edge, and it is up to us to decide can we live with this, can we change something that enables us to live with this, or do we even care to bother?

I am not saying everyone should just think positive and everything will be much better. But I am really sad that so many allow themselves to be weighed down by things that either have no direct effect on their lives or they could possibly be the one’s to find a solution for this and are so busy ranting and raving, they do not take the time to ask themselves, What can be Done!

A lot of people ask how are you, or how are you doing, and then before you can even reply they begin to go on about some nonsense and do not even hear your reply. The average reply to this question we often hear when we greet each other, How are You? Is Fine thank you and yourself? Why do people even ask this if they are not in the least bit concerned how you are or how you are doing? It is ridiculous and I guess it is time we really start to ask ourselves this question and then answer ourselves honestly.

Life is too short to waste one precious minute worrying over something, when challenges arrive, take inventory and take action.

The serenity prayer always comes to mind when I am confronted with these gold nuggets of life. And if we could all start to think instead of babble, feel instead of react, and listen instead of talk, we just might become the highest form of intelligence on this planet. Start today to be who you really are and not what others expect from you. We all have a God given talent that is just waiting to be set free and until we stop acting like robots, this divine gift will continue to go unnoticed.

Find your Passion, Set the Fire! Keep the Fire Burning and share this with as many souls as you humanly can. First then will we live to see Heaven here on Earth!