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All Aboard!

May 11, 2009

Today we begin to make something Fantastic happen! I will be posting a new article about life, our experiences with life, and all the amazing things we encounter in this remarkable journey we call life. I am asking all who take the time to read this blog to also please take the time to share your thoughts. Together we can make miracles happen. United we stand, divided we fall.

When people ask me, “how are you today?” I always answer with, “It’s another day in paradise!”
Most laugh and question what I am on that makes me so happy, and to even think such a thing you must be either crazy or intoxicated. But I have to say through my response I tend to wake people up. Instead of hearing the usual response, I am fine and yourself, or something along those lines, they actually think for just a moment what is their own paradise or vision of paradise, and if only for a short moment, they seem to forget about the day to day pressures that one faces in life.

Regardless of how my day is going, good, bad or indifferent, I always give the same reply. This not only helps others to lighten up, it also helps me to keep a positive outlook on my own mission in life. I once met a gentlemen who dared me to say an affirmation for ninety days. I took that dare and it has changed my life. That was over six years ago, and I still fall back on it from time to time. Here is the affirmation I say, and feel free to use it as well. Please do not misunderstand me, affirmations are excellent tools one may use, but in order to profit from them entirely, one must be willing to set them into action as well. Saying them is good, doing them is better. Actions always speak louder than words!

Here she is:

I am uplifted by life and it’s wonderful gifts, everyday I am uplifted more and more.
Everyday I receive and give away more gifts than ever before.
My whole life is a gift I give to others.
The gift of love and joy, goodness and kindness.
The gift of peace and hope and goodwill toward everyone.
This my gift to the world and to myself,
and no matter what is happening in my life,
I celebrate it grandly.

So let’s join together and create paradise here on earth, it is never to late to get a fresh start, and who knows it just might make all the difference in the world.