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Pictures Paint a Thousand Words

May 18, 2009

The next time you receive your paycheck I want you to hold in it your hands, and then hold it under the light. Rub the numbers on it and think to yourself, is this what I am worth. Is this the reason I get up every morning, drive in the morning traffic. Or wait for the bus, then the train and sit with all the others who are also on their way to work. Is this what I am worth. Trading my time for money.

Close your eyes and then imagine yourself on a beach, the sun is setting, and you hear the waves rolling in and out, you smell the fresh salt water in the air. You even feel the mist of the ocean on your face. In the distance you hear softly playing guitars and the laughter of people starting to mingle on the happy hour bar. As you walk back to your hotel room and open the door you see your laptop on the desk. Your inbox is blinking so you open it, you read how one of your partners just enrolled a football team of 69 players, coaches and trainers, the commissions you have just made, while laying on the beach, are more than what you use to earn working at your JOB an entire month. You quickly shower and think to yourself is this what I am worth? Yes, the seeds you sow today determine the harvest you will have tomorrow. Now wake up and go back to your 9 to 5, but will it ever be the same?